We need a soft border between NI’s two Irelands

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Morning View (July 21) stated, “Since the 1990s, nationalist Ireland has demanded that unionists in the Province share power with the IRA’s political wing. Sharing with constitutional nationalists was not enough. London enforced this demand with threats of a worse settlement for unionists if they did not agree.”

That’s half the story.

For “the Province” substitute unionist Ireland.

In his booklet The Foundation of Northern Ireland, David Trimble stated, “the two Irelands had each exercised their right to self-determination in both different and irreconcilable ways”.

What is now Northern Ireland contains both unionist Ireland and part of nationalist Ireland.

Hence the irreconcilable divide in Northern Ireland. Basically the two Irelands in Northern Ireland should be free to exercise their right to self-determination by creating a soft border between them.

Thus “eradicating the last vestiges of terrorist influence”.

Malachy Scott, Belfast BT15