We need details on any investigations into the IRA

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

It might just conceivably be possible that as Profesor Kieran McEvoy asserts (in a recent newspaper article), an amnesty for army killings during the Troubles could hamper investigation and prosecution of IRA killings during the same period.

If such investigations are in fact extant or even planned.

Always supposing of course that the acknowledged perpetrators are not conveniently protected by Blair’s ‘letters of comfort’ or have slithered into politics in the knowledge that hounding them would rock too many boats.

Can we get specifics of any such investigations into the IRA that mighty be compromised? Or even the firm intent and timescale to begin?

Investigations that PSNI top brass have they have no resources for.

Or specifics about the vigour of these so far completely extremely unheralded, or frankly more probably non existent, investigations to bring the IRA to book?

It would certainly give some hope of closure, if not of justice, to families in both communities of the many dead victims of IRA atrocities, as well of the crippled survivors who still suffer, largely forgotten.

Davy Wight, Carrickfergus