We need to work with French and other EU farmers


I am a dairy farmer who has been annoyed and exasperated as anyone with the apparently endless rules and regulations our industry faces.

Let me appeal to the voters of the Province not to throw the baby out with the bath water but to remain part of the EU.

We need to not turn our backs on a market of 500 million consumers, not to mention making it more difficult to send our produce, such as lambs, milk etc. to the RoI for processing as we do not have sufficient processing capacity in Northern Ireland.

We also need to bear in mind that while Brussels bureaucrats may seem insensitive to our problems they are more sympathetic to rural areas than the London-centric UK government. For example in February of this year Commissioner Hogan asked farm ministers for their proposals on how to address the farm income crisis – 26 out of 28 countries came forward with proposals.

Only the UK and Sweden felt stricter animal welfare regulation more important than EU farmer’s survival.

To the UK government farmers are simply a nuisance who slow down traffic and create smells in the countryside.

They would prefer to safeguard the banking and finicial services industry and import cheaper sub-standard food.

Unfortunately we farmers need the French and other European farmers to work with us of face Farmageddon.

Tyrone Farmer, By email