We should not be putting our faith in organisations

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

How sad that some leaders of two Protestant organisations should be at loggerheads publicly concerning each other’s beliefs.

I know a number of very sincere folk in each of the two and I am convinced some are very anxious to find out the right way to live and the right way to die.

After living to a very old age and having something to do with many organisations I am convinced all are faulty just like me. None can save.

Because of that they should not be picking holes in each other’s beliefs.

We are all learners. But we have all the Bible for it is reliable and more credible than Shakespeare.

God has said something in the Bible to each of us personally. Acts chapter17 part of verse 30 says ‘God hath commanded that all men everywhere should repent.’

When we have done that we should then put our faith not in an organisation but in a person. In Christ. He died on the cross for our sins and God raised Him from the dead so that He would be a Saviour for us from all sin.

When we have received Him we should live to please Him and then look forward to His coming again.

When we get to Heaven we shall find that there shall be no organisations there. And the Person we are called upon to trust and obey shall have all the glory because He shed His precious blood.

James Kennedy Gardiner, Coleraine