We unionists must wake up and work together

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

In the aftermath of what has been a cataclysmic election can the unionist parties restore the unionist majority in Stormont or are we to be left at the mercy of the Alliance Party, which will be interesting bearing in mind the way that they have voted on issues such as abortion, gay marriage and unionist culture?

Blame will no doubt be apportioned in many areas for the outcome of this election, scandals, arrogance, puerile rhetoric, transferring to nationalist parties, a smaller Assembly, all conspired to produce the perfect storm.

But this has been coming and everyone has seen it coming, unfortunately those in power failed to stop it through lack of leadership.

The UUP desperately tried to shore up its defence by making a pact with the SDLP done through desperation due to the DUP’s determination to wipe them out.

DUP 123 does not carry transfers to help other unionist parties and is so very introvert and selfish but with big quotas in a smaller assembly works against all unionist parties especially themselves.

The transferring of votes to the SDLP for all that appears wrong actually probably saved the UUP from total annihilation and didn’t help the DUP either.

So it’s time to wake up and work together with unity.

The petition of concern is within the unionist capability if it is ever needed.

A closer relationship within unionism is very much needed.

It should be put on the table and whoever leads the parties into this Assembly must see that divided we have fallen so working in the common good is in the interest of all.

K.J. Turner, Connor