We were once bombed by the Nazis but now we have turned into the bombers

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By his reference to ‘terrorist sympathisers’ the Prime Minister, David Cameron, has shown himself to be unworthy of his office.

If the pathetically whipped Tories vote for bombing in Syria they will have the blood of innocent people on their hands and the sooner they are ejected from the House of Commons the better.

The people of England must rise up against these clowns and lunatics.

Cameron is a second-rate mind and an Old Etonian bully.

How do Eton and Fettes produce people like this in the guise of Prime Ministers at the head of a once-great and once-civilised nation?

We were once bombed by the Nazis and we have now turned into a nation (or state, to be precise) of bombers. Sir Winston Churchill, saviour of Christian Europe, must be weeping in his grave.

Dr Gerald Morgan, Trinity College, Dublin 2