Western countries are cause of Isis


What a strange viewpoint (Morning View, February 18) of what is wrong with Middle East and further afield and who is to blame.

I will address each point in order of appearance: first, “Israel and its immediate vicinity has been the site of continual turbulence, and has never been at peace with all its neighbours.” Of course not. How could it be as Britain by force ethnically cleansed Palestine of its inhabitants and installed strangers from afar in those stolen homes and lands; They actually by force put a country inside someone else’s country. What did they expect as it was in Ireland and would be in England if it ever occurred there?

Second, the wealthy and powerful countries in the West mentioned in Morning View are the sole cause of Isis’ existence, as by force they ousted Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi – and bombed Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Somalia etc. on to oblivion leaving them leaderless, governmentless wastelands ripe for hoodlums and worse to takeover. The above ousted strong men would never have allowed Isis to gain a foothold. My motto is the devil you know.

Third, the bizarre statement about Western non-intervention in Syria is cause of that country’s problems (the Morning View editor must live on a different planet to the rest of us). Did they not witness Obama and Cameron’s demands on TV? Assad must go, regime change and William Hague and John McCain visiting the opposition urging them on to violence and promising them arms. Imagine if Russia or Iran visited London or New-York when there was Wall St or Parliament Square protests against their respective governments they egged them on to violence and promised them support.

I can just imagine the headlines in News Letter.

Put the blame where it belongs.

Why can Western governments not preach and practice peace?

Peter McEvoy