What about loyalist flags linked to muder?


I am impressed by the anger of loyalists in Carrickfergus following the appearance of Nazi flags in the town and I am sure anyone who has been to Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp in Poland or indeed to any of the other death camps run by the Nazis will be full-square behind the Carrickfergus loyalist who stood in front of the cameras to make his views known.

However, while making no comparisons, on scale and the extent of the holocaust perpetrated against by the Nazis, I found it a little odd to see loyalist paramilitary flags fluttering in the background while the condemnations were being made.

Am I to understand that people outraged with flags linked with the atrocities carried out by Nazis have no problem living with flags commemorating people like the Shankhill Butchers (UVF) who are known to have murdered at least 23 innocent people by slitting their throats after exposing them to the most vile torture.

In many towns across the North there are similar loyalist paramilitary flags flying bestowing honour on killer gangs that brought heartache to families through murder and mayhem but the silence on this issue is deafening. Not a word from the so-called political representatives of those organisations that should not exist, not a squeak from the loyal orders or indeed unionist politicians who had palpitations when an Irish Tricolour flew on Stormont for twenty minutes.

The reality is that we still live in a very confused society and it worries me that the duplicity shown by those in Carrickfergus and replicated in other areas doesn’t auger well for the future.

The very fact that some people thought it a good idea to put Nazi flags up in Carrickfergus in the first place tells me that there are still some very dangerous people in our midst who, never mind the atrocities of loyalist murder gangs, think Nazism was a good idea.

John Dallat MLA, East Londonderry