What is Alex Kane’s alternative route for Alliance?

Should Alliance give  up all their seats? If so, then what?
Should Alliance give up all their seats? If so, then what?

Alex Kane (March 16) says that, by participating in the executive, the Alliance Party have sullied themselves, along with all the other parties, and as such are not the solution to our current political problems.

He criticises them for becoming the status quo, rather than challenging it.



I agree that the Alliance Party are nowhere near as radical as I’d like - the situation in Northern Ireland is such that no party remotely as radical as I’d personally like could get even a single seat - but he doesn’t explain what this kind of challenge would look like.

That seems a fairly huge oversight if you’re going to condemn them for not being a solution - surely you’ve got to say at least a few words (no matter how vague) on what the solution might look like?

Does he want Alliance to give up all their seats in protest at the running of Stormont?

If so, then what?

Should they stay, but be much more openly critical of the people they have to work with, thus making any good work they could do much harder to achieve?

He does seem to suggest that they “don’t need to be a member of the executive”, but he doesn’t go on to explain how the Alliance Party could work more productively for Northern Ireland without any the political power they currently enjoy.

For such a veteran, the article could almost have been written by any naive student journalist more interested in putting out a shallow, idealistic opinion piece than thinking through the consequences of their suggestions.

Martin Price