Where are our Christian politicians?

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

The benefit of having Christians in positions of political power is often emphasised by evangelical church leaders in Northern Ireland.

We are told that we should be thankful that we have Christian MPs and MLAs as they will stand up for biblical principles.

Many of them have opposed the introduction of same-sex marriage and for that we are thankful, however on Monday it appears that almost all of them were missing in action.

As the issue of pardons for homosexual offences was brought before the assembly only Jim Allister spoke against it, with nothing but silence on the DUP benches.

Where was Mervyn Storey? Where was Edwin Poots? Where was Paul Given? Where was Carla Lockhart?

Where were the many other Christians politicians who come election time will champion themselves as the voice of biblical morality? Why were no other voices raised in opposition to this further legitimisation of the homosexual lifestyle?

Perhaps they will be good enought to tell us.

Andrew McDonald, Newtownards