White males also have feelings

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

When the racist slur has now encompassed such unlikely candidates as Ken Livingstone and now Gerry Adams, the question must be asked are any “white males” safe from such allegations, especially when messers Livingstone and Adams are to a certain extent being hoisted on their own petard.

Surely this extremely damaging potentially career-ending slur needs itself to be subject to scrutiny.

If someone slings this mud they should be able to substantiate this accusation before a jury or say even a tribunal and if they can’t reasonably prove the accused guilty of racism, then they should be held themselves accountable under hate crime legislation, although in practice a simple apology might suffice

I believe in the American military if you make an allegation against another officer in of previously good character, and you can’t substantiate it you are yourself ‘in diffs’.

I am a white male, I am fed up with being told I am inherently racist, which I am not, sexist, which I am not, misogynistic, which I am not , homophobic, etc.

As a white male I think I need a bit of protecting – we have feelings too you know. But I am not holding my breath. White males don’t have rights, only responsibilities.

Brian Gibson, Comber