Who is a terrorist?


In response to James Leatherbarrow (August 6) I assume you are English hence I pose this question: How do you think you would react or act if thousands of French soldiers came to England armed to the teeth and trained to kill (as all soldiers worldwide are) killing English citizens, stealing your homes and lands and giving it to strangers in France?

You used the term terrorist: I ask who or what is a terrorist?

Is it the country who with great violence and force invades, occupies, plants, partitions another country or the group or individual who fights back to rid their country of their violent invader?

Which came first, partition by force or so-called terrorism?

You took offence at soldiers being spoken in the same breath as republicans and loyalists. All three kill other human beings by the bomb and bullet. I can’t see the difference in being killed by a so-called legal gun and a so-called illegal gun. You are still dead.

For the record I am 100 per cent non-violent nationalist who will argue and vote for my point of view and condemn all who use violence to force their will on others. The British Army worldwide did it by the millions in past and present centuries, in pursuit of oil and empire.

One so large that Churchill said the sun never sets on it.

Kind of puts your so-called loyalist–republican’s terrorist in the shade and in a much lower league when it comes to killing other human beings.

Peter McEvoy, Banbridge