Why Britain should be land of the free

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

We hear scary stories from ‘remain in Europe’ camp that if we leave poor Britain will be left in the wilderness as a lost soul with no friends.

Two inferences could be drawn (1) the world will punish us for leaving the EU in which case why did they not join EU themselves, or (2) our membership has been the cause of losing friends over the years. Of course we know that UK has thriving trade outside the EU, which is struggling and currently trying to get a trade deal with America.

Those who want to leave EU just want to be free from an unelected bureaucratic dictatorship that is draining Britain’s financial and sovereign resources. The electorate like to think they have power with their parliament. This is reducing with ever increasing legislation from Europe overruling our parliaments.

The Mother of Parliaments could end up being little more than a regional council subservient to the empire of Europe. Britain has managed over centuries to wriggle free from captivity; they could lose their freedoms through a major political strategy. Let us not lose our ambition to be the land of the free.

David Barbour, Coleraine