Why does Amnesty not campaign for victims of IRA murder and terror?

Amnesty International
Amnesty International

On the death of Gerry McKerr, Amnesty International has said he was not bowed after he “suffered torture at the hands of UK security forces”.

Innocent Victims United’s starting point is that no-one should ever take glee in the death of someone.



If that is the response then that individual ceases to be human. Nor do we deny anyone the right to campaign for justice and truth if they believe that they have been wronged.

We do note that over the years Amnesty International has proven itself to be very selective in whom it is prepared to stand up for and of who it chooses to remember.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of widows and others across Northern Ireland who have suffered human rights abuses at the hands of terrorists (those whom Amnesty refer to as ‘actors’) and who have gone to their grave never having received justice for the crimes committed against them or their murdered loved ones.

It is interesting that such individuals’ tireless pursuit of justice and truth fails to ever warrant acknowledgement by Amnesty.

Why might that be?

Kenny Donaldson

Innocent Victims United