Why I will vote in favour of Brexit

Outside of the EU, the UK can retake control of its own affairs
Outside of the EU, the UK can retake control of its own affairs

I freely admit that I voted to stay in the EEC in 1975, because I believed that a free European market to be a good thing.

However I have become increasingly disturbed by EU political influence on our country since John Major signed the Maastricht Treaty



The EU is so corrupt, that its annual accounts have not been able to be audited for many years.

Yet we still pour money into it willy-nilly.

Our borders are no longer our own and our courts are overruled by the European Supreme Court. EU migrants from poorer countries are free to come as they please, adding severe strain on our welfare system, National Health Service and Education system.

Thanks to the European Human Rights Act, it is almost impossible to get rid of undesirable migrants. Let us replace it with a UK Bill of Human Rights.

Our businesses groan under the weight of EU regulations, which stifle, rather than promote business. Free our entrepreneurs to seek out their own best markets to sell their products and services

Far from the EU guaranteeing European security since WW2, is NATO which has done this very effectively.

In fact the EU would like the UK give up its seat on the UN Security Council in favour of an EU seat, not likely!

Those who wish to remain in the EU speak ever more manically about the doom and gloom which would befall us if we left. But let us look at their track record. David Cameron has a long history of poor judgement, despite advice otherwise. Think of the employment of Andy Coulson and the bombing of Libya to name but two. George Osborne has had a string of misjudgements in recent budgets which have damaged his creditability.

I name them despite being a committed Tory.

Christine Legarde of the IMF has spoken against the UK leaving, however she is being investigated for corruption and the IMF has a long record of its predictions going awry

No, I will vote to leave the EU and look forward to the UK retaking control of its own affairs

Roderick W Oliver, Lisburn