Why no silence for NI terror attacks?


Every right-thinking person condemns the atrocity in Tunisia but how does Gregory Campbell (July 1) justify different standards for Tunisia than he does for Northern Ireland?

eg: 1.Teebane, Newry police station, Enniskillen, La Mon House, Kingsmills, Darkley, Claudy, to name but a few massacres and yet there were no minute’s silence for those victims, nor do I recall any publicity for the DUP in making such a call but I maybe missed that and, if I did, I am sure Gregory or some of the highly paid Spads will turn it up.

2.Does the presence of PIRA men in the assembly not contradict his claim that “we never ever surrender to the type of activity we have seen in recent days”.

What sort of activity does he think Martin McGuinness and others were indulging in from 1970 onwards and are the innocents who died in the massacres above figments of my imagination, or has he conveniently had a memory loss? There are still some people who consider the DUP are lundies and who sold the unionist birthright for a “mess of money”.

Lyle Cubitt, Ballymena