William Frazer has committed himself to helping the innocent victims

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Re the letter from A.J.M, Belfast (June 9) I have known William Frazer since just after the Shankill bomb and I can honestly say Willie has done more for victims than all our politicians put together.

William has always been there to highlight and push our case forward which he has done at every opportunity and at great cost to his health, he does this even though he is not on the writ himself.

Sure things have not gone as smoothly or as quickly as we might hope but that is not his fault, He didn’t do a dirty deal with Gaddafi or start the war in Libya.

If you want someone to blame look no further than Tony Blair he is the one that blocked it! I think your treatment of William is very unfair perhaps you should try standing in his shoes and see how you get on?

Having spoken with other families of those killed in Kingsmills, Darkly and Tullyvallen there is common agreement that William Frazer has committed himself fully to helping the innocent victims and raising their concerns You are very quick to criticize so I wonder if you could enlighten us with what YOU have ever done to help victims?

Michelle Williamson, Co Armagh