Willie Frazer: Dublin and IRA are trying to sanitise IRA terror

What member of the IRA is going to admit the Enniskillen Poppy Day atrocity?
What member of the IRA is going to admit the Enniskillen Poppy Day atrocity?

The headline in the News Letter (January 26) says Martin McGuinness is to elect a truth body member.

Firstly who has agreed to this truth body, as the people we represent and our community as well as the majority of innocent victims do not agree with any type of so-called truth commission?

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

We all know this is another guise to go after the security forces because they are the only people who have documentation and the majority of them have the moral backbone to tell the truth. These terrorist organisations will do everything in their power to try and discredit the state.

Yes, there are serious questions we are asking of the state and indeed the Irish state about which the republican and nationalist parties seem to have amnesia when it comes to Irish state collusion.

What member of the IRA is going to come out and admit that they carried out the likes of Enniskillen, La Mon or Kingsmills? Or kidnapped and brutally tortured men before murdering them?

No IRA man wants his name associated with these type of atrocities as they know this was not done in the name of Ireland but purely sectarian hatred and they will never tell the truth as we have seen with Breen and Buchanan inquiry. In which did nothing more than what was expected which was to lie through their teeth.

The fact that Mr McGuinness has the cheek to appoint someone to a truth body shows the contempt he holds the innocent victims in.

At this stage we know the government had hoped the victims’ attitude would have softened but on the contrary we are busier than ever and have people coming forward almost on a daily basis who had never previously taken that step, but because of the disgust at how they are being treated there is no other option.

It is quite clear the Irish government and the IRA are trying to sanitise the dirty terrorist campaign they waged and in some way trying to justify their actions.

We cannot allow this to happen. It is time the same emphasis was put on the Irish government’s involvement with the IRA.

William Frazer, Spokesman FAIR