Willie Frazer: History of Troubles is rewritten again


The families of South Armagh, a number of them who were kidnapped and tortured by people like Freddie Scappaticci, felt there was a lack of willingness in Tuesday’s BBC Spotlight to show how sectarian and brutal the IRA were.

I was one of the first people at his door along with one of his handlers a number of years ago, an event a number of media attended. We were there asking him to speak to us because at that stage we knew his involvement in security force murders

And also innocent Catholics and Protestant murders.

Listening to the programme you would think that this individual had got up one morning and become the head of the IRA security unit when in fact he had murdered people from both loyalist and unionist communities.

Again this is an attempt at rewriting history, and whatever happened to good investigative journalism, it no longer exists.

The innocent victims not only of FAIR but also that FRPU represent will make sure that the full facts are told, not as a romantic myth that seems to be painted by both sides of media. As Maggie Thatcher said: crime is a crime is a crime, terrorism is terrorism is terrorism.

William Frazer,

Chair FRPU, spokesman FAIR