Wilson should be happy we have a vigilant media

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

Considering the honourable member for East Antrim Sammy Wilson has resorted to the wiseacres of the football ground to make his point about media bias (January 30) may I enlighten him with another gem of wisdom which is often chanted when a football manager makes a cock up: ‘You don’t know what you are doing.’

This, in view of the Democratic Unionist Party’s RHI involvement, would seem appropriate.

He goes on to say that the leader of Sinn Fein Michelle O Neil, “was probably personally responsible,” which only implies culpability and is not for certain,

Should Michelle O Neil, a former Minister of Agriculture, become embroiled in this heating fiasco,and it is emerging that Sinn Fein have been dragging their feet on this matter, I have every confidence in all strands of our local media that she will be subjected to a fair and unbiased investigation in a bid to get to the truth.

Instead of gripeing and implying that the DUP are victims of some form of calumny Sammy Wilson should be grateful and gracious enough to admit that we are fortunate in having an unbiased and vigilant media working successfully in the interest of the entire community.

Wilson Burgess, Londonderry