Zoe Salmon wades in to Union Flag row

Zoe Salmon
Zoe Salmon

FORMER Miss Northern Ireland Zoe Salmon has been tweeting her support for the Union Flag at Belfast City Hall.

Twitter was ablaze on Monday evening as Belfast councillors took part in the controversial vote.

Strong opinions both for and against the flag’s removal were expressed on the social networking website.

Amid this, Ms Salmon tweeted a picture of a Union Flag – and even changed her profile picture to one of a Union Flag.

Belfast lawyer Robert McTernaghan tweeted in response: “As a so-called ambassador for the new changed NI, why add fuel to the fire?”

Ms Salmon replied: “Excuse me? I’m proud to be British and I’m proud of our flag. I’ve flown it around the world my whole career and will continue so.”

Mr McTernaghan put to Ms Salmon: “What about the other members of the community in NI that you represent around the world, who don’t subscribe to your flag?”

The former Blue Peter presenter replied: “Well I love everyone from NI, our wee country is incredible. But I’m proud to be British. God save the Queen. Good night.”

While presenting Blue Peter, Ms Salmon attracted criticism for suggesting a Red Hand of Ulster as her Best of British logo. She said at the time: “I’m from Ulster, and I’d like to cover a plane with the Red Hand of Ulster: that is our proud symbol.”

Meanwhile, James McCullagh from Coleraine, who appeared on the Junior Apprentice last year, tweeted on the flag debate: “If politicians focused on proper policy. And rioters focused on getting a job. Northern Ireland wouldn’t be a laughing stock.”