Reported in the News Letter on April 11, 1957: Couples reveal ‘amicable’ swap

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Two couples at Millbrae, near San Francisco, are to exchange partners, the husbands have announced.

Mr Martin Brooks, 35, and Dr Frank Schwartz, 38, said their wives went to Reno, Nevada, together last week to get divorces.

The men said the close friendship developed in two years. Mr Brooks and Mrs Jean Schwartz, 33, are fond of sports, while Dr Schwartz and Mrs Betty Brooks, 35, like photography, music and painting. About two months ago, they said, they decided to work out an amicable exchange involving property settlements without alimony or child support.

The women plan to remain in their present homes with their children, the men changing domiciles.

The Brookses have four children under 11; the Schwartzes two under nine.

Dr Schwartz said that there was “a little sadness at parting”, but they will continue to visit each other’s homes and see the children, who have had full explanations.