Reported in the News Letter on August 1, 1938: Dog idolised in Africa after giving birth to 50 pups

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Mother of 50, and only five years of age, Chimborazo left Liverpool on Saturday [July 30] on her 3,700-mile journey back to her native Takoradi on the West African Gold Coast.

Chimborazo, a snow white Belgian milk dog, is idolised by the natives of West Africa, who call her Jumbo for short.

Mr W P Ginham, a Gold Coast mining machinery firm manager, who has been on holiday with the dog, which is his constant companion, said: “Many regard her as a canine freak, for her 50 puppy children have arrived in litters numbering from one to as many as nine.

“When the solitary puppy was born, Chimborazo was so disappointed that an SOS was broadcast for two more puppies for her to mother, and later on she made more radio news by producing her nine puppies in one litter.”

Chimborazo was christened after her grandfather, who was born on the South American mountain that bears that name. She has been all over France and Switzerland with her master, and will settle down in England to share Mr Ginham’s retirement when he returns and makes the 3,700-mile journey for the thirty-eighth and final time since 1909.