Reported in the News Letter on January 9, 1934: Chinese bandits strike terror wherever they go – dressed in women’s underwear


With a string of over 70 murders to account for, a gang of 700 Chinese desperadoes is spreading terror through North Charhar and along the inner Mongolian border.

The leader is called Sung Mu-liang and he is known as the “White Wolf”. The bare mention of his name causes panic fifty miles away.

A unique feature of the gang is that at present they are arrayed in women’s underwear – looted from a Swedish mission station at Gulchagan. The bandits sacked and burned the station during the absence of the Europeans.

Discarding their own ragged and dirty clothes, the bandits dressed themselves in missionary attire, first putting on all the women’s underwear they could find.

Sung Mu-liang is reported to be a soldier who deserted during the retreat of Feng Yu-hsiang through these parts in 1926. Starting with a small marauding band, he now controls a miniature army. It was reported recently that Sung had been wounded in a fight between his gang and soldiers. A stray bullet entered one cheek and passed out through the other – without hurting him!