Reported in the News Letter on June 6, 1963: Cookstown dump ‘is a stinking mass of filth’, council told

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The town dump in Cookstown was described as a “stinking mass of filth” and “a menace to the health of the community” by Dr Denis Elliott at yesterday’s meeting of the local urban council.

“We have had only three or four hot days this summer and already the town is stinking from end to end,” he stated.

He suggested that the dump be closed and sealed off for good as it was not fair to the residents of the town to keep it open any longer.

The chairman, Mr George Ferguson, said that the condition of the dump was a disgrace to any community. On going along to it on Tuesday [June 4] the smell had actually taken his breath away. It was covered with bluebottles and in a shocking state.

It was decided that the town surveyor, Mr C G Birtwell, should get to work immediately on putting the dump in order.