Reported in the News Letter on September 12, 1927: ‘Most workers are not highbrow nor lowbrow – they are mezzobrow’


“There are a lot of people who are not very highbrow nor very lowbrow. They are people you would call mezzobrow,” said Mrs Barbara Wootton, Principal of Morley College for Working Men and Women, at the Conference of the Industrial Welfare Society at Oxford yesterday.

“The mass of workers – wage earners and salary-takers alike – are mezzobrows. So far very little has been done for them. There is an immense field for general education for them. You must give it to them in the right way. The right way is not tell them you want to give them education.

“Increasingly we have to find our life’s interest in the things outside our work, and to realise our work is something which we have to get done, and get out of as quickly as possible.

“For most of those engaged in industry today, their daily job cannot be the main thing.

“The main thing is the use of leisure.”