Reported on these pages 280 years ago (Jan 1739): Mutiny off America; Poland says no; Belfast debt warning

The fifth surviving News Letter, dated January 9 1738 (which is in fact equivalent to January 20 1739 in the modern calendar)
The fifth surviving News Letter, dated January 9 1738 (which is in fact equivalent to January 20 1739 in the modern calendar)

From the fifth surviving Belfast News Letter. The edition is dated January 9 1738 but that is in fact Jan 20 1739 in the modern calendar, which Britain adopted in the 1750s:

By Letters dated in September last from New-England, they write of the Arrival there of the Dolphin, Capt. Deckenson, from Cape Francinia, that in Lat. 28, the Crew mutiny’d, kill’d the Captain and several Passengers, and threw the Cabin Boy overboard; but on the Discovery of one of the Crew they were all secured in the Goal of Newport, in Order to be brought to Justice for the said Murder.


Kiow, Dec. 1. Count Potocki, Palatine of Kiow and Great General of the Crown Army of Poland, having been informed that a Body of Russian Troops was to pass through the Republick’s Territories in order to join the Imperialists in Hungary, [? word missing from the surviving paper] to Count Munich and to the Commandant of [?missing] Fortress, That as the Republick had taken a Resolution to remain neuter, he had Orders to oppose the Passage of those Troops with all his Power; and that he would act in the same Manner with the Turks and Tartars, in case they should attempt any such Thing.

[The Russians were at war with the Ottomans, and had been joined by the Austrians in 1737. Poland, meanwhile, was emerging from a war of succession that had pulled in various nations, hence perhaps why they wanted to steer clear of this other conflict]


No less than 2219 Cambricks were on Monday landed from Dunkirk; a plain Indication that the French don’t believe they are like to be unfashionable with the Fools of Great Britain.

Dec 23

New Coats are ordered for all the late Queen’s Watermen, and their Salaries are to be continued.

WHEREAS Robert Donnaldson, of Belfast Merchant, hath left off Trading Now these are therefore to give Notice to all his Debtors, to pay unto him their respective Debts, at the Shop of Hugh Donnaldson, in Belfast, Merchant, before the first Day of March next, or they must expect to be immediately sued, for the same, without any further Notice.

Dated the 5th of JANUARY, 1738-9.