Reported On This Day 280 Years Ago (April 10 1739): Priests and deacons are ordained

The Belfast News Letter of March 30 1739 (April 10 modern calendar)
The Belfast News Letter of March 30 1739 (April 10 modern calendar)
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From the Belfast News Letter of March 30 1739 (April 10 modern calendar):

LONDON, March 20.

On Sunday the Rt. Rev. Dr. Gooch, Bishop of Norwich, ordain’d twenty Priests and Deacons in Ely Chapel in Holborn.

March 22.

Last Sunday the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Lincoln, ordained nine Priests and thirteen Deacons, at Bugden in Huntingdonshire.


Just published, Price 10d

A GUIDE to PRAYER; or, a free and rational Account of the Gift, Grace and Spirit of PRAYER: With plain Directions how every Christian may attain them. By I. WATTS. The sixth Edition corrected.

Printed and sold by JAMES BLOW, Bookseller in Bridgestreet.

GERMANY. Vienna,March 14.

According to our Advices from Hungary the Infidels are making great Movements in order to enter the Bannat of Temeswar; but the Imperialists posted there are preparing to thwart their Project. The Turks are also in Motion in Servia, upon which several Imperial Regiments have received Orders to begin their March, and watch their Designs. Several General Officers are to set our forthwith for the Imperial Army, whither the Veldt-Marshal Count Wallis will follow soon after, in order to take upon him the Command of it. A Report is spread that the Empress of Russia intends to take a Journey to Germany this Spring, in order to use the Baths of Carelsbadt; but it stands in great need of Confirmation.

Letters from Madrid say, that the Catholick Court seems to be taken up with some new Project; that she is still borrowing Money of Publick, has alread got two Millions of Crowns, but still wants a larger Sum; that the Politicians there whisper, that the King of Spain is going to purchase some new Dominions, which they guess to be Parma and Placentia.

We have an Account from Anglesea in Wales, that on Thursday last died at his Seat at Barnhill, near Beaumaris, the Right Hon. the Lord Viscount Bulkeley of the Kingdom of Ireland, and Member of Parliament for Beaumaris. He dying without Male Issue, is succeeded in Honour and Estate by his Brother, now Viscount Bulkeley, who we hear intends to stand Candidate for the said Borough in the room of his Brother.

LONDON March 20.

On Saturday and Sunday about forty Members of the House of Commons set out for their Seats in the Country.

We hear from Bath and Bristol, that on the Arrival of the News of the Princess of Wales being happily delivered of another Prince, there were great Rejoicings; that the Bonefires and Illuminations continued till five the next Morning, the Balconies and Streets being crowded with People, testifying their Joy on so happy an Event.

We hear, that the new-born Prince is to be baptized by the Name of Frederick-Nassau.

Such large Quantities of Wheat have within these five Days been bought up for Mealing by the Inland Traders, that Wheat is risen at Bear-Key Market two Shillings per Quarter.

On Monday were imported from Montros in Scotland, 21,594 Yards of Linen. The same Day was exported for France 567 Quarters of Meal; for St. Kitt’s 100 Quarters of Grain. On Tuesday were imported from Dundee in Scotland, 365,000 Yard of Linens; from Dunkirk, 285 Cambricks, and from France 32,800lb. Indigo.


Gentlemen who have the whole Set of Magazines and Appendix for last Year, may have them neatly bound by the Printer hereof, very reasonably; and what odd Numbers they want to compleat the Volume he can furnish them with.

Gentlemen are requested to pay what they are in Arrear for this Paper and the London Magazine as soon as conveniently they can.


Since my last arrived the Ann and Christian, Mr. Canann, and the Pelican, Mr. Miller, both from Dublin with Flax Seed, Wheat, Garden Seeds and other Merchandizes — The Assistance, John Chomuly, from Pelafootre, with Oak Bark — A small Brig from Portaferry, with Barley.

DUBLIN, March 27.

Last Saturday were committed to Newgate, one Taase, and one Gorrman, two of the Persons concerned in the Murder of one Kelly, in Dirty Lane in St. Thomas-street last Christmas.

Same Day was committed Sarah Ryan, a common deputy Receiver, and Mrs. Kinsellagh, one of the same Business, for receiving and buying the Plate of Hyacinth Cheevers, Esq; value of 30l. for one Guinea.

Kendrick a Robber is also committed.

The Goal of Newgate was not these many Years so full of Thieves and Receivers as it is now. Last Sunday a Man was taken up and committed to Newgate for Kidnapping Children.

Robert Moor,

OF Carrickfergus bleaches all Sorts of Linen Cloth, at reasonable Prices.

He now wants a skillful Journeyman Sheerman and Dyer, who proposeth to give good Encouragement to such a Person.