Reported On This Day 280 Years Ago (April 17 1739): Marriage drama is the talk of the whole of Scotland

The Belfast News Letter of April 6 1739 (April 17 modern calendar)
The Belfast News Letter of April 6 1739 (April 17 modern calendar)
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From the Belfast News Letter of April 6 1739 (April 17 modern calendar):


We hear from the Stewartry of Annandale, that a pretty extraordinary Marriage happened, which diverts the whole Country: A certain young Girl, who, besides common Qualifications, had a prospect of a good deal of Money; a Country-lass of this Sort never wants abundance of Sweethearts: One of her Admirers having found her at a Fair in August last, took care to ply her very warmly with strong Liquor, we shall not say whether it was the Strength of Ale or of the Argument that gained her Consent, but it seems he married her before a good many Witnesses.

The matter was kept secret from her Father; and in January last the young Wife consented to a Change, and she was accordingly proclaim’d in the parish Church with another; on this the first rose up, and forbad the Banns.

The Kirk Session met on this Incident, and asked him his Reasons; he told them she was his Wife; the Girl denied it.

They asked him next, if he had consummate the Marriage?

He referr’d them to her for an Answer.

He was desired to adduce his Witnesses, which he promised to do, if they would give him Time.

However he appealed to the Presbytery, who met on the Affair, and gave Sentence in favour of the Bridegroom, on which an Appeal was lodged before the Synod; notwithstanding of which she has actually married her second Spark, which, it is said, has actually brought to her Remembrance the Consummation with the first.

The two are going to Law about her