Alfredo Meli ready to make huge impression at Waterfront Hall

Conrad Cummings and Alfredo Meli
Conrad Cummings and Alfredo Meli

Alfredo Meli will down tools on Friday night and challenge Conrad Cummings for the Celtic title at the Waterfront Hall in Belfast.

Meli works as a mechanic during the day, while doing his boxing training at night.

And he believes he has the tools and preparation to beat Cummings.

“I’ve been very pleased with every aspect of my preparation.

“I’ve continued working and training at night and I feel great. I’ve done more rounds of sparring for this fight than any other - the work I had with Luke Keeler.

“People say to me it must he hard working during the day as a mechanic and then having to train at night with a big fight coming up but life’s hard and you get on with it.

“If I wasn’t working then of course I would train twice a day but I’m not sure that I would train as hard as I do in the gym at night and the way I look at it, the work I do at Charles Hurst is like doing my strength and conditioning and then going to the gym for boxing - that’s the way I look at it.

“I believe this is my chance to get my hands on a title and then see where it takes me.

“Cummings is a good fighter but I want that title,” he added.

Marc McCullough, Mattgew Wilton, Paddy Gallagher, Fergal McCrory will all appear on the bill.

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