BOXING: Carl Frampton wins on return to Belfast

Carl Frampton
Carl Frampton

Carl Frampton saw off Horacio Garica on points at the SSE Arena in Belfast on Saturday night.

After 10 rounds - Frampton's first fight since he lost to Leo Santa Cruz at the end of January - the Belfast fighter won 98-93, 97-93 and 96-93 on the scorecards.

In round one Frampton started well and his timing was good as he connected with a few solid blows on the Mexican. 'The Jackal' looks switched on.

Round two Frampton started well and landed some heavy shots on ther Mexican.

The Belfast crowd were involved in round three as Frampton hit Garcia with some hard shots but the Mexican kept moving forward.

Round four was a good round for both fighters as they exchanged blows with Frampton taking a low blow that was not noticed by the referee.

It was getting dirty in the fifth as the Mexican pushed forward and Frampton countered - but the fans were loving it.

Garcia fancied it in the sixth but Frampton was throwing the better shots as the Mexican marched forward.

Frampton was down in the seventh but it looked more of a slip than a punch from Garcia.

In the eighth it was more of the same. Garica marching forward and Frampton hitting him with good punches - but this was one tough hombre.

Round nine was another close round as both fighters got stuck in.

The last three minutes had the crowd on there feet as both fighters gave their all till the final bell.

Jamie Conlan's brave bid to lift the IBF Super-flyweight title ended in a sixth round defeat for the Belfast fighter against defending champion Jerwin Ancajas.

But Conlan put his body on the line as he got off the canvas several times before the fighht was stopped.

Conlan got off to a bad start as he was down in round one for an eight count after being caught in the eye by Ancajas.

Conlan seemed to have recovered for the start of the second and both fighters had their spells during the round but Conlan was cut above the eye.

In the third Conlan was hurt to the body as Ancajas piled on the pressure and Conlan was down for another eight count but he made the bell.

In the fourth Ancajas hurt Conlan again and put him down but the Belfast fighter once again got to his feet. He really has a warriors heart.

It was all guts and heart from Conlan and he landed some shots of his own in the fifth.

But in the sixth a shot to the back of Conlan's head stopped his brave attempt to get his hands on the IBF belt.

But this is a fight that will live long in the memory and Conlan has nothing to be ashamed off after this heroic effort.

Paddy Barnes claimed the IBF Inter-Continental title after seeing off Elicer Quezada.

Barnes had Quezada down in the second round with a body shot.

Barnes was piling on the pressure but his opponent was far from finished.

Quezada was causing problems but Barnes was doing the better work in the fourth round.

The fight was turning into a ding dong battle wit both fighters having their moments.

Round six and Barnes was targeting the body more and seemed to be tiring Quezada down and another body shot stopped the visitor and Barnes was the new WBO Inter-Continental Flyweight champion.

A classy finish from the former Olympian in his fifth fight as a professional.

There were also wins on the night for Tommy McCarthy, Steven Ward, Marc McCullough and Lewis Crocker.