BOXING: Jamie Moore sure Carl Frampton will reign once again

Jamie Moore with Carl Frampton
Jamie Moore with Carl Frampton
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Jamie Moore could hardly believe it when Carl Frampton contacted him about training the two weight World Champion.

Frampton had just parted company with his former trainer Shane McGuigan and Moore says he was shocked to hear that ‘The Jackal’ wanted him in his corner but he believes Frampton is a wee bit special.

“From what I can gather. He has been fighting tired and he has still been performing the way he has been performing.

“Can you imagine what he is going to be like when he is fresh?

“He will be fresh and eager and I am looking forward to him fighting.

“He has been fighting tired and not enjoying the sport, so what is he going to be like when he is thriving and enjoying boxing again.”

And Moore believes he can get back to the very top of the featherweight division,as he returns to the ring in Belfast on November 18.

“I know I am capable of getting the best out of him and in the small window I have had with him over the last few weeks, you can see he is such a good fighter - a natural fighter - because anything I ask him to do he does it first time.

“Most fighters take three or four times before the get it right. Some trainers think they are the best thing since sliced bread but I am not a great believer in someone being a great trainer.

“I believe you are only as good as the fighters you work with and I know I can do a great job with him.

“Tactically I will be spot on, I can get him sharp. I understand the science behind it all and I know about over training and how you should be training when you are 30-years old. You have to adapt to peoples bodies and I have been there. I know what it is like to be a 30-year old fighter who has niggles.

“I know what he has to do now and he cannot train like a 24 year old. He doesn’t have to. By that stage of your career you are building an engine but by 30 years of age you don’t have to keep pushing and pushing. You just have to bring him to that point where he is ready to deliver.”

Moore will now also train Conrad Cummings after leaving Cyclone Promotions.