BOXING: Shawn Porter rates Carl Frampton after watching gym sessions

Carl Frampton training in Las Vegas
Carl Frampton training in Las Vegas

Shawn Porter is a huge fan of Carl Frampton after watching him prepare for the WBA World title fight at Porter’s gym in Las Vegas.

The former welterweight World champion has let ‘The Jackal’ prepare at his gym for Saturday night’s clash with Leo Santa Cruz in the MGM in Las Vegas,

And Porter says he was impressed by Frampton the minute he got off the plane in Vegas at the start of January.

“He actually sparred the first day that he got here,” he said Sky Sports.

“I didn’t want to discourage him but I said: ‘you guys are eight hours ahead of us, you’ve just got off a plane’. He said: ‘yeah, I know’.

“He did what boxers do. He fought through being tired, and the time change.

“He went six rounds and wasn’t the sharpest, but you understand why. This is a camp, so you know he’ll improve and I’m excited.”

Porter explained that he became a fan of Frampton after watching the Tigers Bay fighter defeating Santa Cruz to become a two-weight world champion.

“He’s a good dude. Prior to him fighting Santa Cruz for the first time, I knew his name but didn’t know his style, or what he brought to the ring.

“I watched him in his fight before Leo, and was really impressive. I felt like this kid has it all, which is hard to come by.

“He’s got the skills, speed, power and a nice style. In my opinion, that’s rare out of the UK! You guys are usually really fast or really strong, but you don’t have anyone with the jazzy style that we have in the States. Man, that guy is pretty good.

“He immediately became someone that I was a fan of.

“My dad put it together for him to train at our facility, which was awesome.

“I got the chance to meet someone that I admired, and because he’s from so far away, you never know when that opportunity is going to come.

“It’s been a pleasure having him so far. He’s going to be ready for his fight.”

But who does Porter think will win on Saturday night?

“I thought Leo won the first one. “Based on the fact that I don’t think either will make big adjustments, I’ll go with Santa Cruz again.”