Carl Frampton gives his reaction at Belfast press conference for his IBF World title clash against Josh Warrington

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Carl Frampton and Josh Warrin gton showed great respect for each other at Thursday’s Press Conference in Belfast.

Frampton will challenge Warrington for his IBF Featherweight World title in Manchester on December 22.

Carl Frampton and Josh Warrington attend a press conference in Belfast

Carl Frampton and Josh Warrington attend a press conference in Belfast

Both men were in good form yesterday and spoke about their massive clash in Manchester.

The two fighters have been in press conferences in London, Leeds and Belfast tis week to promote the fight.

Frampton said: “Like I have said for the last three days now, I think it is going to be a very good fight, a very exciting fight.

“It is one I am looking forward to and, although I am harping on a wee bit, a year ago I was being written off - I was done, I was over the hill - but then my last two performances have been two of my better performances of my whole career.

“I believe the time is right now to win back a world title and go from there. It is something I will be working seriously hard for and I know Josh well enough and I don’t believe there is an ounce of quit in him.

“That is what is going to make it exciting.”

Warrington said: “I am looking forward to what is going to be a tremendous fight and potentially the fight of the year.

“It is one of those fights that don’t come around that often. You see fights that get built up then don’t deliver, but this one has got all the ingredients to be one that will be talked about for a long time.

“I have said over the last couple of days that I have been keeping an eye on Carl over the last few years and I have watched his career as a fan. When he moved to featherweight I watched him as a potential opponent.

“Carl says he is in the best shape of his life, while I feel I am just reaching my peak years. I had a great win over Lee Selby back in May and as soon as I got back to the dressing room I thought ‘who’s next?’.

“I can’t wait for the night and you guys will be in for a real treat, that is for sure.