Carl Frampton: I am on different level to Mexican rival

Carl Frampton training in El Paso
Carl Frampton training in El Paso

Carl Frampton believes he is on a different planet to Alejandro Gonzalez Jr in terms of boxing ability before they clash in El Paso, Texas on Saturday night.

Many bookmakers have Frampton a massive 1/33 favourite before he defends his IBF Super-bantamweight World title against the Mexican.

And Frampton - who has respect for his rival - believes he has more in his locker than Gonzalez Jr.

“It’s just levels really, and I am at a better level than Gonzalez Jr. He’s a good fighter. I’m giving him credit.

“He will come to fight and make it interesting, but I have all the tools to beat him.

“He will try to keep it long, most of my opponents do. I can punch very hard and when I hit people they tend to go backwards.

“From the start he will try to keep it a long fight, but it’s up to me to use tactics that will work. We have plan A and a plan B, but we think plan A will work.”

And Frampton - who travelled widely as an amateur is enjoying like on the USA/Mexican border.

“I’m very excited. Fighting for the first time in the United States on CBS, this is an incredible opportunity for me to get great exposure.

“His dad was a great champion, a great fighter. I respect both Gonzalez Jr and his father - but I will retain my title,” he added.

But Gonzalez Jr remains bullish over his chances of causing an upset and he believes the belt will be staying in the United States.

“They call Carl Frampton a superstar in the UK. He has a world championship. I’m a contender. When I become champion, I will have a following, especially when I beat Frampton.

“There are weaknesses in Frampton’s game, but I can’t tell you in case he hears my plan. It’s easy to see a fighter and tell them they should have done this or that.

“It is different when you’re in the ring.”

And Frampton’s mentor and manager Barry McGuigan is sure his fighter will take the USA by storm.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for Carl and I think he can really make it big in America.

“Sports journalists are fascinated by him and why he is coming over here. That tells me what his potential is.

“We had a press conference and 90% of the press wanted to hear about Frampton while only 10% wanted to hear about Julio Cesar Chavez - who is also on the bill.

“Al Haymon has helped us get into America and he is the biggest impresario in boxing at the moment.

“We want to come back home again in October or November and then back out here again on St Patrick’s Day.

“The simple reason we are here is that we are getting networkTV, terrestrial TV in America and in the UK,” added McGuigan.