Carl Frampton out to expose Scott Quigg’s weaknesses on February 27

Carl Frampton
Carl Frampton

Carl Frampton is sure he can expose Scott Quigg’s lack of boxing intelligence when they meet in Manchester on February 27.

‘The Jackal’s’ IBF World title and Quigg’s WBA belt will be up for grabs as the two clash at the Manchester Arena.

And Frampton says he will zoom in on Quigg’s weaknesses when they meet in the ring.

“His lack of intelligence outside of the ring reflects on how he fights inside the ring,

“He has that down as one of his strengths but I have it down as one of his weaknesses.

“I think he is a very fit guy who trains very, very hard. He’s determined, he can punch hard but he hasn’t shown he has a boxing brain in any of his fights yet from what I have seen, so I think that may be a weak point for him.

“I don’t think he can adapt and his ring intelligence isn’t great. In the fight he drew against Yoandris Salinas, the only reason he drew with him is because the Cuban ran out of gas in the last six rounds,” he added

“But Scott couldn’t figure him out and didn’t know how to deal with him.

“He kept doing the same thing until the Cuban ran out of gas. That is what I am talking about. I don’t think he has the ability to adapt.”

But Quigg refused to respond to Frampton’s comments and says he will prevail when they meet.

“It’s like water of a duck’s back,” Quigg said.

“They can watch previous tapes of me. They can study old tapes but this is going to be an improved Scott Quigg and this will be the best performance of my career.

“I do everything very well. I know how to use the tools that I have and when to use them, and that is going to be the difference.

“And Frampton likes to be in control. His team likes to be in control as well.

“We’ve taken that control away from them, they are not in charge.

“A couple of times at the press conferences, they lost their rag and their cool, it just shows we are getting to them.

“I am ready for this fight and can;t wait to get started,” he said.