Carl Frampton ready to turn on the power against Leo Santa Cruz in New York

Carl Frampton
Carl Frampton

Carl Frampton will turn on the power when he faces Leo Santa Cruz in New York on July 30.

Frampton has moved up from super-bantamweight to featherweight to challenge the Mexican for his WBA World title in the Barclays Center.

It is only a jump up of four pounds but Frampton is convinced his punches will hold more bite and snap than at the lighter weight.

“Moving up to 126 pounds was definitely the right decision for me. I’m a big puncher but I lost power coming down to 122 pounds.

“I’m going to be punching harder and be at my very best. I’m so excited for fight night, it’s going to be a truly special experience.

“It wasn’t easy for me to make 122, but I said I wouldn’t move to 126 unless it was a big fight, and there’s no bigger fight than Santa Cruz. I wanted to fight him.

“I thought I was going to get a chance to fight him at 122. The fight didn’t materialize for whatever reason, but it’s here now. It’s right on the doorstep. I’m ready to get going. I’m excited about it.

“It’s important to be recognized in the States. This is where all of the great fighters from around the world end up fighting, and I really want to be recognized as a great fighter.”

And Frampton - who held WBA and IBF World titles at super-bantamweight - says the thought of fighting Santa Cruz has got his blood pumping.

“I want to be in exciting fights. From here on in my career, I want to be great. Who better to face than Leo Santa Cruz?

“This is a chance to put my name down in history and become a two-weight world champion from Ireland.

“This fight is huge for me because I really want to create a legacy. I know how people talk, and I think people will be talking about this for a very long time.

“ I want people to remember me as a great fighter.”

And Frampton - who is in New York preparing for the fight - says preparations are going well.

“I’m a short guy for 126. I’m used to fighting guys taller than me.

“I bring big guys in, sparring partners who are similar in stature to Santa Cruz, and I believe fight like Santa Cruz, as well.

“We’re doing everything we can to replicate him as much as possible. I feel like I’m performing in the gym. Hopefully, I can bring that to fight night.”

Meanwhile Gennady Golovkin will defend his IBF, WBA, WBC and IBO Middleweight World titles against IBF Welterweight champion Kell Brook at The O2 in London on September 10.

“I’m very excited to be fighting in front of the great British boxing fans and promise another ‘Big Drama Show’ against Kell Brook. It will be a great fight,” said Golovkin.