Cathy McAleer looks to rock Holiday Inn

Only a brave man, or perhaps a stupid one, would suggest that women have no place in a boxing ring.

On March 29 Northern Ireland’s finest and feistiest, female kickboxers will show exactly why they should be when these fab-four go between the ropes at the Holiday Inn in Belfast.

Belfast’s Cathy McAleer, will top the bill for a WKN European Full-Contact crown.

The karate queen will face champion Stéphanie Aubertin from France.

Tyrella’s world champion, Samantha Robb, and two high kicking novice fighters, Rowena Bolt and Ruth McCormick can be found getting ready with the birds at 6am each morning, and again for their evening training sessions after a day’s work.

They are affectionately known, for the time being at least, as The Divas.

It would be a brave or stupid man who would suggest such in the environs of a crumbly old Belfast gym that has given birth to countless female domestic and world champions throughout the past 25 years.

Inside the Prokick Gym in the hard-knock east of the historic shipyard city, four formidable female fighters are shaping up to headline their own all-action kickboxing card later this month.

The demand placed on the ladies, according to coach Murray, is not different to that which raised a total of 15 world champions with Gary Hamilton, the most notable world champion of late.

He said: “The girls at Prokick go through the same routines as the men. They would be first to complain if they thought they were getting it easy.

“We have loads of ladies at Prokick. Some come to lose weight, to get fit. Others come to fight. They make the commitment and we simply provide the path to the ring.

“This will be a great night of kick boxing and they are all ready to show what they can do.”

Tickets are on sale and can be purchased by calling ProKick Gym, Belfast on 028 9065 1074 or Click Box your way to for more.