Chris Avalos wants war with Carl Frampton at Odyssey

Chris Avalos
Chris Avalos

Chris Avalos hopes Carl Frampton doesn’t “run around like a little fairy” when the pair clash for the IBF Super-bantamweight on Saturday night.

Challenger Avalos was full of fighting talk at yesterday’s public workout at Victoria Square in Belfast.

And the fast-talking, hard-hitting American hopes Frampton is ready for a war at the Odyssey Arena.

“The fans can expect a great fight. They will get a war if Frampton stands and fights and doesn’t run the way he likes to run,” Avalos said.

“Hopefully he will not stand off and run around like a little fairy. But we will have to wait and see.”

Confident Avalos believes he brings more to the table than the man Frampton beat to claim the World title – Kiko Martinez.

“I have as many knockouts as Frampton has had fights – I am his toughest opponent to date,” the Californian added.

“Martinez was good but he was over the hill a little bit, and no disrespect to Martinez but he was dealing with other things.

“I see myself as a stronger opponent than Martinez and I will win, that’s what I predict.

“I see a stoppage unless he runs about like a little fairy.

“Unlike Martinez I am not going to follow Frampton around the ring, and I have a few tricks up my sleeve, so I will be fine.”

And Avalos insists Frampton’s renowned power holds no fears for him as he prepares he enter the ring on Saturday.

“I have fought stronger fighters than Frampton and I do not see anything special about him, nothing special,” he added.

“I have everything. I like my chin. I have been hit hard, but I have never been shook.

“I have never been dropped, and thank God for that.

“I have a strong chin and power, which is a lethal mix.”