Conlan sets sights on Butler challenge

Adrian Dimas Garzon and Jamie Conlan
Adrian Dimas Garzon and Jamie Conlan

Jamie Conlan wants to meet former World Champion Paul Butler sooner rather than later.

Belfast super-flyweight Conlan takes on Adrian Dimas Garzon at the National Stadium in Dublin tonight knowing that victory could lead to a shoot-out with Butler in the coming months.

Butler has held a World title at bantanweight but that does not scare the Belfast lad and Conlan says Butler is very much in his sights.

“He calls himself a Scouser, but he’s not really as he is from Birkenhead.

“I think he is coming to this show, but I don’t care if he is here or not. Yes he is in the same stadium, but we are not in the same boxing ring.

“It also doesn’t bother me what he says and I pay no attention to it.

“He comes across as a nice guy, but we are rivals and we are going to end up fighting. They are looking at Butler and me fighting already for the start of next year, so nthis could be my last fight before that clash.

“All we have to do is keep on winning and the fight will happen.

“I have to win here in Dublin and he has to win his fight in December and then is could happen.It was a fight I would love,” he added,