Dee Walsh looking forward to being in the ‘Doghouse’

Belfast fighter Dee Walsh is heading to Las Vegas
Belfast fighter Dee Walsh is heading to Las Vegas

Belfast light middleweight Dee Walsh is looking to take his game to the next level when he heads to Las Vegas in the coming weeks.

Walsh - unbeaten so far as a professional - is heading to the American city for a holiday but he is hoping to lay eyes and gloves on boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather.

Walsh - who has his next fight in Belfast on October 17 - already has sparring lined up in Mayweather’s Gym in Las Vegas.

“I was going over to Vegas for a holiday, but I thought that while I’m over there I might as well have a crack at it.

“I’ve seen ‘the Doghouse’ where they just fight until one man stops.

“People would probably think ‘that’s crazy – why would you want to do that?’ but I’d love to test myself like that against some of the best in the world.

“ I made contact with Jeff Mayweather and he said sparring wouldn’t be a problem.

“I’ll go over there on my weight and train and talk things over on the first day and then on the second day I plan on sparring. It’ll be an amazing experience and if I go over on my weight I can’t see why they wouldn’t spar.”