Eamonn O’Kane trainer Paddy Fitzpatrick wants Andy Lee clash

Eamonn O'Kane
Eamonn O'Kane

Eamonn O’Kane’s trainer Paddy Fitzpatrick believes an all Irish clash between his fighter and WBO World champion Andy Lee would be a fight the fans would love to see.

Middleweight O’Kane took a significant step toward an IBF World tilt with victory over Lewis Taylor on Saturday night.

And trainer Fitzpatrick would love a clash with Limerick’s Lee.

“I would really love Eamonn to fight Andy Lee. “Andy is a fantastic human being and a hell of a fighter.

“He punches like a wild horse and he’s a class act as a human and so is Eamonn.

“So for two Irish men to fight for a world title, how long back in time do we have to go for that to have happened?

“I’d love Eamonn and Andy to have that fight. It’s not up to me to make it happen it’s up to them to want it. We definitely wouldn’t say no to it!”

And Fitzpatrick admitted that his fighter had been pushed hard by Taylor at the weekend.

“You always want your man to win the fight the easiest way.

“Eamonn’s strong point is his grit and his weak point is also his grit. He’s prepared to get into a fight way too easily.

“That wasn’t necessarily the case tonight but it’s always good to know that, when he needs to, your fighter can dig deep and pull that out.

“I wouldn’t want anyone else stood behind me if I was walking down a dark alley only him.

“I did have it close but I thought from round six or seven Eamonn was doing a lot better,” he continued.

“It was a close fight and Lewis Taylor deserves the utmost respect.

“I tip my hat to the man but we got the win and we move on.

“There are loads of fights out there for Eamonn and we are looking to see what is on offer,” he added.