Eddie Hearn still trying to make Carl Frampton and Scott Quigg bout

Matchroom chief Eddie Hearn
Matchroom chief Eddie Hearn

Matchroom chief Eddie Hearn believes a Carl Frampton/Scott Quigg showdown can be made if Cyclone Promotions take a slightly smaller percentage of the money the fight would generate.

Cyclone understandably insist their fighter is a legitimate World Champion – unlike Quigg – and deserves a guaranteed 60/40 share of the purse – at the very least.

And Hearn says he has made another offer after both fighters defended their titles back on July 18.

“We have gone back and given them a bigger percentage, but we need them to also move on their percentage.

“We swallowed some humble pie and we need them to move just a touch, but unfortunately not.

“I’m desperate for this fight, so is Scott Quigg – that’s why, even after the last performance, we’ve gone back and given more, but we didn’t get any given back in return.

“You’re talking about a couple of per cent. It might be £150,000, so they can’t tell me they want this fight.

“They don’t believe they can win the fight. I know Carl Frampton believes he can win it, but the people that make the decisions don’t.”