Girl power hits Belfast as Cathy McAleer headlines Belfast show

Fighters on the bill
Fighters on the bill

Former world champion Billy Murray will take his latest all-action kickboxing promotion to Belfast’s Holiday Inn on Sunday, and there’s little room for men at this show.

Total Divas will celebrate four of Murray’s fighters, Cathy McAleer, Ruth McCormack, Samantha Robb and Rowena Bolt in action between the ropes.

But the female line-up does not start and stop in the ring.

Billy’s daughter has been a key promoter and marketeer of his shows, while his partner, Adele Robinson, a qualified World Kickboxing Network co-ordinator, will be at ringside along with judges Lisa Mulholland, Ann Gallagher, Karen Millar and Gail Hagan.

“I’m going to feel out of place on Sunday.” said Murray.

“It’s just as well we brought in a male referee to keep the peace!”

It’s already a sold out event and it all kicks off at 4pm. Cathy McAleer will headline the show in a European full contact title fight.

The rest of Murray’s girls will make up the main event with the boys making up the undercard. Two of N’ Ireland’s world champions, Darren McMullan and Johnny Smith, will be bring up the rear for the semi-main event.

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