James Tennyson vows to get back in World title mix

Belfast's James Tennyson in action against Tevin Farmer
Belfast's James Tennyson in action against Tevin Farmer
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James Tennyson has vowed to get back in the World title mix after his unsuccessful bid to claim the IBF Super-featherweight title on Saturday night.

The Belfast fighter was stopped by Tevin Farmer in the fifth round of his World title bid in Boston on Saturday night.

Tennyson had hit the deck in the fourth round but bravely got up to take it to Farmer before going down again in the fifth before the fight was stopped by the referee.

But Tennyson says he wants to have another shot at a World title before he calls time on his career.

“There was lots of positives, I am 25 years old and have fought for a world title.

“I will have a wee break here and then back to business.

“I want to get straight back out and back in to big fights. I have had a loss at the highest level you can fight at and I want to have more fights at this level.

“It was a massive experience for me and I have worked from being a boy to get to this level and I have enjoyed the experience but not the result.

“I just can’t wait to get back in there. I believe I am at that level and what happened - happened - but if the referee hadn’t have jumped in so quickly you never know.

“But I will go away and have a break and that it from there.”

And Tennyson said Farmer was a hard man to track down but he wishes he had more time to try to get to grips with the American.

“I knew he was a crafty opponent - he was slick and slippery.

“He was hard to land a clean shoot on.

“I will give him his dues he was a really good mover but I had him working at a good work rate and he was starting to tire a wee bit .

“And that was what we were hoping for as we thought he would tire from the sixth round on.

“He gasses after six rounds and I was making him work hard and harder that he has worked before, but the referee stopped the fight and that was that.

“I thought the referee stopped the fight to soon but he did what he thought was right.”