James Tennyson will deliver IBF World title says Dave ‘Boy’ McAuley

James Tennyson
James Tennyson

Dave ‘Boy’ McAuley is convinced James Tennyson will be crowned IBF Super-featherweight World champion on Saturday night.

The Belfast fighter challenges Tevin Farmer for the American’s belt at the TD Garden in Boston with everything to fight for.

And former IBF Flyweight king McAuley is sure Tennyson will get the job done at the weekend.

“Tennyson has a really good chance of winning on Saturday night.

“I have watched a few of James’ fights and I watched Farmer winning his title and I didn’t think Farmer was brilliant that night.

“The guy he fought to win his title was not that great. He was past his best.

“I just believe - and I have watched Tennyson in his recent fights - that he has a real chance to win this title.”

And McAuley has been impressed with what he has seen from Tennyson in his recent fights.

“He is a good wee boxer and he has a very solid jab and he is a hard puncher.

“And when you can really punch in boxing it makes things that wee bit easier.

“Tennyson can bang and the guy he is fighting is not a big puncher.

“If Tennyson works out that this guy hasn’t got the power to knock him out it takes a wee bit of pressure off him.

“Farmer doesn’t look like a big puncher and if you are fighting a guy like Tennyson you could find yourself in dangerous territory.”

And McAuley believes that if Tennyson fights the right fight he will become Northern Ireland’s next World champion.

“I would keep the fight at distance and jab, jab and jab.

“Keep him at range, but move forward and take the fight to him.

“And if you get him up against the ropes give him it big time, but only five to six shots.

“Then take a step back and repeat.

“I have watched this guy and when you put him under pressure he tires

“James tactics have to be perfect and he will have to have been prepared for this. Framer is tricky and that is all he has,” added McAuley.