Jamie Conlan knows he has to deliver fireworks at Dublin showdown

Jamie Conlan
Jamie Conlan

Jamie Conlan knows it’s make or break time when he takes to the ring at the National Stadium in Dublin on November 7.

The talented Belfast Super-flyweight will be defending his WBO Inter-Continental super flyweight title in front of what should be a packed house.

Conlan won in his last outing at the Dublin venue, but he was put down twice and badly shook-up by body shots from Junior Granados in the seventh round.

But Conlan - older brother of amateur World Champion Michael - proved his mettle that night as he recovered to win on the judges scorecards.

And Conlan says he has learnt from tat experience of being put on the deck for the first time in his 14 fight professional career.

“I learned loads about myself that night. I had to did deep and I did that and got the job done.

“I was not that happy with my performance that night but I have gone away worked harder and trained harder.

“I am delighted to be going back to the National Stadium and it is great that Boxnation wanted me to headline their televised show.

“I need to win on November 7 and keep moving upwards,” he added.

Conlan arrived back from his training camp in Marbella in Spain last night and he is pleased to be home.

“My camp went well but I was there for 12 weeks, so I am just glad to be home.

“To be honest I enjoy the training and sparring but I am just ready to throw some fists,” laughed Conlan.

And Conlan says moving to Spain to totally focus on boxing has paid off.

‘It’s something I always wanted – to be in that training camp environment and away from my family and friends because it makes me appreciate what I have back home more but makes me focus solely on boxing.

“The guys in the gym do everything for you.

“They prepare your food, they train you and anything you need you get.

“It means I can breath, eat and sleep boxing and I believe that has brought my game on.

“But the training camp is over, I am back home and just can’t wait to get started in the National Stadium,” he explains.

Also on the bill Jamie Cox will fight Ferenc Albert for the WBO European super middleweight title and Peter McDonagh will challenge Dean Byrne for the vacant Irish welterweight title.

Sean Turner and Ciaran McVarnock among others will also feature.