Jamie Conlan ready for WBO title tilt

Jamie Conlan
Jamie Conlan

Jamie Conlan believes he will take the first step on the road to the summit of the Super-flyweight division when he takes to the ring at the Odyssey on April 4.

Conlan - trained by John Breen in Belfast - promised much in his early fights but due to cancelled shows, illness and injuries the talented fighter has failed so far to deliver on early promise.

But Jamie - who takes onBelgium’s Benjamin Smoes at the Odyssey on April 4 for the vacant WBO European title - says he is ready to set the boxing world alight.

“Since I heard I would be fighting for my first title as a professional I have been a different guy in training and sparring.

“In preparation I have been sparring with Marc McCullough, my brother Michael and Paddy Barnes. I am in the best shape of my life and I feel ready to deliver.

“This title has really focused me and it will be great to get a belt and the recognition that goes with that.

“I believe ths is the first title of many for me and after winning at the Odyssey -it will simple be a case of ‘next’?

Conlan says he has watched a wee bit of Smoes in action and says he knows what to expect.

“He is tall and rangy and is a bit of a boxer. We believe he will move and it is up to me to walk him down and take him out.

“I am really looking forward to fighting at the Odyssey and the buzz about home has been brilliant.

“People - who I don’t know - have been stopping me and asking about the fight. It’s great and I want more of that,” he added.