Josh Warrington looking to silence the doubters again against Carl Frampton

Carl Frampton and Josh Warrington
Carl Frampton and Josh Warrington
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Josh Warrington confesses he found it ‘satisfying’ when he proved wrong the doubters who wrote off his chances of becoming world champion.

He also added that it will be the same thing again when he defeats Carl Frampton in their clash on December 22 in Manchester.

After being asked if being the underdog gave him an extra edge in his preparation’s for Frampton, Warrington responded with no hesitation;

“Yes, it’s making me train harder and I want to turn around and stick two fingers up, it was sweetly satisfying after the last fight.”

In his previous fight, domestic rival Lee Selby was a clear favourite heading into the contest against Josh Warrington.

But the Leeds underdog stunned the boxing world by out-boxing Selby to a shock victory, claiming the IBF world featherweight title in the process.

“I don’t want to be too cocky… but when all them haters, especially on social media, were writing me off saying ‘Warrington’s going to get schooled! He’s going to get his head boxed off! He’s going to get knocked out unconscious on the floor!

“To be able to after the fight, scroll through my social media when I got home, my world title sat there, cup of tea… you were saying?” joked the IBF world champion.

“I think it is nice to turn around, especially when you’re doubted, it wasn’t that a few doubted me, the whole country doubted me who took interest in that fight. Nobody was giving me a round never mind the fight, and the way I went about it, it was a bit sweeter and I feel like it will be the same with this one against Frampton.”