Kurt Walker wins gold at Multi-Nations Tournament in Russia

Kurt Walker
Kurt Walker

Irish Elite champion Kurt Walker claimed gold at a multi-nations tournament in Russia over the weekend.

But TJ Waite and Gary McKenna had to settle for silver despite big performances in Rostov.

Walker finish on top of the 56kg podium on a unanimous decision over Nickolay Shakh of Belarus, but Waite and McKenna were edged out on split decisions by Cingiz Natirov of Russia and Demirty Sapon of Belarus.

Belfast’s Steven Ward had to withdraw from the finals, which featured four members of the Ulster team, after picking up a cut in the semi-finals.

“TJ lost on a split decision to a top boy. TJ boxed and moved brilliant but judges favoured the Russian, said coach John Conlan.

“Kurt won gold with a classy performance, catching his opponent with big shots. Great skill and movement and clean shots impressed the packed and appreciative crowd.

“Gary McKenna lost a wafer thin split to a tricky Belarusian southpaw.

“We lost the first by mixing with him, but a brilliant second round in middle distance and a very vclose last round. We thought he did enough. Steven Ward had to settle for silver because of the cut in the semis.

“At 64kg and 75kg, both guys won gold who beat Aiden and Conor. Very good competition and great for developing our guys. All the lads were brilliant.”